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Tips for driving in the winter

As the mercury drops below zero across Europe, days get shorter and roads more precarious. Winter can be a dangerous time to be on the roadways, even for the most experienced drivers out there. The short promo movie by the tv-show “Ice Road Truckers” shows just how dangerous it can be.


Fatalities on the European roads coincide with the economy and have increased in recent years. Since the end of the recession a record number of vehicles have emerged, creating more traffic and dangerous situations. Especially during winter time with its short days and treacherous weather, we are challenged more than usual. So here are some tips on how to get home safely.

  • Check the condition of your vehicle

Check your tires and keep your vehicle clear of any snow and ice. By doing so, you maintain a good visibility towards other drivers.

  • Adapt your way of driving to the wintery conditions

Slow down when the conditions on the road prevent you from driving any faster. It is better to be safe than sorry! Avoid sharp turns, hard accelerations and sudden braking. Always make sure to keep a safe distance.

  • Store a bag of kitty litter

This may sound a little odd but when your truck is stuck in the snow this can be a real life safer. Simply throw the kitty litter under your tire and you will gain the traction needed to get your truck free of the ice.

  • Plan your trip

The driver can plan a safe overnight beforehand and does not need to spend much time looking for the right location. The comprehensive DKV MAPS service is the easiest tool to find the nearest service station and it shows which services are provided at the station. You can also find the latest traffic information and the current diesel prices on your route.

  • Emergency contact

Of course one should not assume the worst but even for small accidents or break-downs it is good to have an emergency contact number at hand to help you out. DKV customers have access to a free hotline that is always open in case of emergency anywhere in Europe. You can call 0080036524365 24/7 and we will make sure to assist you.

This year alone we have been able to help out almost 200.000 customers with different types of trouble on the road anywhere in Europa. Even during the Christmas days and New Year’s you will be able to reach us, as we know many of you will be driving during this time of the year.

Finally we wish you all a safe journey and of course a merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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