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DKV extends network for electric and hybrid vehicles

500 ladenetz.de charging points added / 3,000 charging points across Germany

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DKV Euro Service has extended its supply network for electric and hybrid vehicles by around 500 ladenetz.de charging points. Using the DKV CARD +CHARGE, customers can now charge their vehicles, irrespective of the manufacturer, at over 3,000 publicly accessible charging points in Germany. At the same time, they also have the usual access to the existing DKV supply network of 55,300 acceptance points in 42 European countries. ladenetz.de, the result of a cooperation agreement between presently 50 public utility partners, promotes the expansion and further development of an extensive network of public charging stations.

While the number of electric and plug-in vehicles is growing in Germany, the opportunities for charging vehicles from commercial fleets is still limited. Often their vehicles can only be charged locally, or the drivers have to carry a wallet full of different cards and codes around with them. The DKV CARD +CHARGE fills this gap by combining several technologies in a single network of charging stations covering the whole of Germany: Depending on the charging post operator, users can authenticate themselves at the charging point either through the RFID chip contained in the card or with a QR code and the +CHARGE App.

Next to the CARD +CHARGE we offer several other alternative fuels http://bit.ly/1EUHcYQ

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