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DKV expands Belgian LNG network

From now on, LNG fuellers who use the DKV Card are also welcome at the PitPoint.LNG station in Rekkem, Belgium.

LNG: fuel for clean transport
More and more haulage companies substitute their diesel trucks for LNG trucks because there are many benefits involved in LNG trucking compared to diesel trucking. They are:

  • LNG means much cleaner combustion figures than diesel
  • It causes up to 30% less health damage and 10 to 15% less CO2-emissions compared to Euro-VI diesel emissions
  • LNG trucking also causes less noise pollution
  • Last not least: there is a financial benefit involved in LNG compared to diesel as a result of increasingly lower fuel costs combined with the 0-excise duty scheme applied by Belgium.

Find out more about alternative fuels and their pros on the DKV web site.

Strategic position
The PitPoint.LNG station is located in Rekkem, near Menen (close to the French border) at the LAR transport centre on national road (Rijksweg) nr. 746. The station is situated just along motorway E17/A14 between Kortrijk (Courtrai) and Lille, so it is in a strategic position for through transport and traffic traversing the Benelux countries.

The PitPoint.LNG station is open 24/7 and has two LNG pumps and three bays for LNG trucks. The LNG pumps are fitted with a display that clearly indicates the LNG filling instructions. If required you can set the preferred instruction language with the uppermost pump display button. The LNG pumps have an additional option of extra-cold LNG for an improved action range, especially for Volvo trucks. This option may be selected with the display button in the middle.

As the PitPoint.LNG station is canopied over, drivers are protected from rain while filling up. The Total fuel station annexed to the PitPoint.LNG station has a restaurant and parking facilities, so this station is now a full-service stop for LNG truckers as well.

View the LNG filling instructions for this station here.

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