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DKV Euro Service Benelux supports Alpe d’HuZes Logistics Cluster

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In 2016, the Netherlands branch of DKV Euro Service, prominent service provider to the transport and logistics industry, will again be supporting Stichting Alpe d’HuZes foundation within the scope of its policy regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility. DKV Euro Service supports the AD6 Logistics Cluster practically and financially by contributing DKV Cards and Satellic on-board units. In addition, DKV Euro Service will bear the Belgian and French toll costs for vehicles en route in the name of this foundation.

DKV Euro Service prefers to make a difference, not only in its efforts to provide strain relief for the benefit of its customers, but also where sustainability is concerned. In the view of DKV, sustainability covers a range of economic, ecologic and social aspects combined. As a result, DKV has been supporting UNICEF Netherlands from the moment DKV launched its activities regarding the introduction of the new Belgian kilometre levying system. This scope of sustainable operations also fits the support given by DKV Euro Service to the Logistics Cluster of the Alpe D’HuZes foundation. DKV provides support and relief to the AD6 Logistics Cluster by making DKV Cards and Satellic on-board units available and will assume for its own account the toll charges for the roads, bridges and tunnels used for trips through Belgium – where the new satellite-controlled toll charging system will be introduced by 1 April next – and France.

Gertjan Breij, Managing Director of DKV Euro Service Benelux: “In our view it is required to look beyond the haulage industry to be able to make a difference. We aim to be a reliable and innovative partner for the benefit of our customers. On the other hand we wish to distinguish ourselves in terms of sustainability. For these reasons we decided to undertake a unique process of cooperation with UNICEF Netherlands and to continue our logistic support of Stichting Alpe d’HuZes foundation in 2016.”

More information: www.dkv-euroservice.com

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