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DKV CARD wins Image Award 2015

Germany’s leading figures responsible for haulage and fleet operations in industry and commerce have decided: the DKV CARD takes first place in the Fuel Card Category (Fleet Class: medium to large fleets of 11 or more commercial vehicles) at the Image Ranking 2015 award ceremony organised by the weekly trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau after recording a top score of 838 out of a possible maximum 1000 image points. The ceremonial presentation of the Image Award to DKV Marketing Director Ulrich Wolter took place as part of the VerkehrsRundschau Gala 2015 on 5 February 2015 in Munich. In order to determine the winners in a total of eight categories, the Kleffmann Group, a market research company acting on behalf of VerkehrsRundschau, surveyed 522 randomly selected managers and senior executives responsible for procurement in goods haulage, industrial and commercial companies with their own commercial vehicle fleets between September and November 2014.


Methodology of the Image Ranking 2015 market study

The image ranking study seeks to obtain a representative opinion about the image and prominence of market leading providers of commercial vehicles and associated products and services for commercial vehicle fleets. The basic data were gathered from among all the companies in Germany engaged in commercial goods transport and/or operating a commercial vehicle fleet. Crucial factors in the choice of the market leading providers in the commercial vehicle sector include: market share and number of registrations in Germany, extent of country-wide coverage and familiarity with the brand among important decision makers. Expert opinions as well as publicly available figures on market share and turnover were also included in the evaluations. All 88 brands selected for this study are among the top providers in Germany based on market share and public perception.

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