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New: “Macrons Law” in France, all you need to know!

Article also available in Dutch. In 2015, France adopted a law called ‘Macrons Law’, it concerns the French minimum wage in the transport sector. The minimum wage applies to cabotage and all international transport operations (transit excluded). This law will enter into force on 1 July 2016. The law provides new obligations on French inland transport movements and international transport to or …

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Fares 2016

We are already halfway into the year 2016, which means that it is time for an overview of the remaining fares where DKV will be present. Are you attending any of the fares below then make sure to pay us a visit, for more information simply press the links. Transport Compleet Gorinchem, The Netherlands, 6 – 8 September 2016, stand …

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Electric highway

Reducing c02 emission is high on the agenda of a lot companies and governments around the world. The pollution that is caused by road transport is high compared to other sectors. This is one of the reasons that we see a lot of new developments that aim to reduce the amount of pollution. For example the rise in the use …

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Corporate social responsibility in an ever changing environment

Article also available in Dutch. Companies increasingly aim to have a clear Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and demand this of their suppliers as well. A CSR strategy not only results in a better planet, it also leads to a competitive advantage. There are many different ways to take responsibility. Compensating CO2 emission is one way but actually reducing or eliminating …

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Robots are taking over!

The transport and logistics industry has been working on automating its processes for years. There are numerous forces that drive this ongoing automation. Products need to be delivered faster than ever. To keep up with competition, companies need to continuously improve efficiency and reduce costs. Is the use of robots, thus robotics, the next phase in the ever continuing process …

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Audi’s future truck concept

Audi is developing a new truck concept, one that will be better for the environment as it runs on electricity. The design has a very futuristic look and looks amazing! What are your thoughts on this new concept? In terms of environmental sustainability it definitely scores point but what of practical use (encountering speed bumps)? What are your thoughts?   …

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Roads closed due to heavy rain in Germany and France

France The A10 at Orleans is closed for both directions due to floodings, traffic coming from Paris can take the roads: A11, A28, A85 The A71, direction Vierzon, is closed at the connection to the A10. Other regional roads are closed of as well, the image below shows roads that are currently closed off.             …

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What will the future bring us?

Click here to read this article in Dutch or in French. The transport and logistics business is always on the move as technological developments are an ongoing process. Take the eye tracker or the EETS box for example, both developed to make driving more efficient and safer. But how does an eye tracker infringe on privacy? And is the EETS …

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New environmental rules for HGV’s in A12 Austria

As of 19th may new rules have come into effect for vehicles weighing above 7.5 tonnes. These rules will apply to the A12 in Tirol, and state that vehicles using this road must comply to certain euronorm-standards: Rigid vehicles (two axle sets, a driver’s position, a steering system, motive power and a single rigid chassis): Euronorm II and VI Vehicle combination …

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Connect your Belgian toll box simply to DKV

Connect your OBU with a few easy steps to your DKV account and benefit from the advantages that come with settling Belgian toll via DKV. The invoice services from DKV ensure transparency – all incurred costs are clearly visible on each DKV invoice so costs per vehicle can easily be recognized. DKV developed a guideline that includes “connecting your OBU”, …

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