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DKV Card Climate – competitive advantage thanks to CO₂compensation

Business partners are increasingly requesting verification about how companies handle their CO₂emissions. DKV customers can now compensate for their CO₂ emissions by 100%. For this purpose,  DKV Euro Service offers a climate-neutral fuel card with the DKV Card Climate. In return, your company‘s fleet drives 100% CO₂neutral.

Green card with tank

This positive environmental balance provides a distinct competitive advantage and also supports your company brand image. DKV Euro Service and myclimate are also providing certification in order to make this commitment perceivable externally as well. This attests to the complete compensation of CO₂emissions, because for each litre you invest an additional amount in certified environmental protection projects.

myclimate is one of the world‘s leading providers of compensation measures and complies with maximum standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo).

Lay the foundation for your future and score an image plus with customers, shippers and partners, and make sure of your environmental neutrality with the DKV Card Climate.

An overview of the complete benefits:

  1. Big jumps towards your target!
  2. Gaining competitive advantages
  3. Strengthening your own brand
  4. Achieving sympathy value with customers
  5. Active climate protection with 100% compensation of CO₂ emissions
  6. DKV certification and myclimate certificate

An active contribution to environmental protection

Users of the DKV Card Climate actively support environment section because for each litre used they invest an additional contribution to certified climate protection projects, thus also contributing to global CO₂ compensation. The amounts are invested exclusively in projects with maximum certification standards for CO₂ projects such as the Gold Standard.

  • Wind energy in Turkey
  • Biomass boilers in China
  • Solar boilers on Madagascar

CO₂ neutral with the DKV Card Climate – get started now!

For more detailed information about myclimate and its projects, see myclimate and the DKV Website.


You drive, we care.



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