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Checklist to apply when deciding on your EETS-toll box









Are you about to make a choice for your EETS-compliant toll box? We have compiled a convenient checklist for you to ensure that your choice is future-proof.

Cost transparency

  • Do the EETS-boxes originate from a certified EETS-provider?
  • Will the EETS-box supplier live up to its promise regarding the date of introduction?
  • What are the costs of the box? Are these costs once-only, or does the box imply a hidden system fee for users? It is only the sun that rises for free, after all.
  • What are the toll costs you pay in the end? Are there any surcharges, like service costs?

Complying with technical demands

  • Is the box installed plug-and-play in the cabin?
  • Are new updates (mind you, these will be effected continuously) fed over-the-air without requiring additional action on your part?
  • Will you be able to exchange boxes flexibly among your vehicles?
  • Does the box contain a button for setting axle numbers?

24/7 service & support

  • If your EETS-box comes through a reseller, how are defects tackled in order to prevent fines and penalties being given on the road?
  • What is the back-up solution if the box shows defects or updates are not timely installed?


  • Has the complementary software module for Italy been installed already, or will this require a separate manual installation round, or even an extra box at a later stage?
  • Has the box been developed on the basis of modern technology, or is it an on-development based on obsolete technology (the first boxes originate from the ‘90s after all)?
  • Will there be sufficient reporting and analysis options?
  • Will future reporting options also include the possibility of integrating your own records and data in your analyses?


The DKV BOX EUROPE already meets all the above demands.



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