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Brexit: impact on reclaiming fuel excise duties and VAT in Europe

It’s final. The UK has left the EU Customs Union and Single Market. This has a considerable impact on international hauliers operating from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The most pressing issue is, of course, the fact that EU / UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) only allows for the duty free movement of UK and EU originating goods – resulting in paperwork such as the Statement of Origin. However, Brexit also impacts the possibilities to claim back fuel excise duties and VAT. Awareness about this – and some simple tips, can help you save money. We discuss this with Neil White, our Sales Team Manager UK & Ireland.

Neil, from 2021 onwards it’s no longer possible to claim back excise duties and VAT in some European countries. What is the impact for hauliers from the UK and Northern Ireland?

Following Brexit, UK-registered companies can no longer reclaim fuel excise duties –consumer taxes imposed in addition to VAT on petrol, diesel fuel and LPG – from countries within the EU. In addition to this it’s no longer possible to claim back any locally paid VAT on diesel in Austria and Germany. For UK-based hauliers, Austria, Belgium, France and Germany now become considerably more expensive to fuel, as reclaimable excise duties often exceed 100 euros on one full diesel tank, and the VAT in Austria on fuel currently stands at 20%.

What is your advice for hauliers travelling to or through Belgium, France, Austria & Germany?

Resetting your fuelling habits, by choosing the countries in which you purchase fuel wisely, does definitely not make you penny wise, pound foolish. So consider if it is worthwhile to plan your route and fuel up before leaving the UK.  Of course DKV can help you there too, with low-cost pricing on both our UK Fuels and Keyfuels card. The Fuel Price Comparison on the website of DKV Mobility is a great tool to help you find the most cost-effective fuelling countries on your routes through Europe, taking into account fluctuating diesel prices and different rates of value-added tax and excise duty in Europe.

How does DKV Mobility support hauliers with these processes?

We are market leader for premium services covering all aspects of on-the-road supply and mobility for trucks and car fleets. With hauliers being severely impacted by Brexit with paperwork, customs and more, we add value by taking some of the ‘other’ stuff out of the hands of their teams. Besides offering tremendous savings on fuel bills, we for example also offer rapid refund service for paid value added taxes where possible, immediately after receipt of the paperwork. We live up to our philosophy of letting our customers drive, whilst we care.

The team at DKV in the UK is happy to provide you with a personal advice on how much you can save, both on your diesel bill and on your workload. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Neil White:

Mobile: +44 7920257460


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