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Breaking down barriers – Tony Hall talks to Gertjan Breij, Managing Director of DKV Euro Service about the company’s future

DKV Euro Service, one of Europe’s largest transport industry service providers, consolidated it’s presence in the UK in April this year when it became a member of the RHA International Group. As Heather Wallace, International Group Manager said: “Whilst several group members already take advantage of DKV’s services, having the company as a group member enables it to become involved in group events, and promote the full mobility package that DKV has to offer.”







Gert-Jan Breij, DKV Euro Service Managing Director

Describing just how extensive that mobility package is, Gertjan Breij, DKV Euro Service Managing Director, tells me, “We are present in 42 countries, servicing 120,000 customers.” Known best for their fuel, toll and VAT refund services, Breij explains the company’s broader aims are set out in its five core principles: flexibility, efficiency, cost-saving, compliance, and continuity. For customers, that means taking care of all the boundaries they face in the market to get their loads from A to B on time.

As Breij says, “Wherever you go, whenever you go, every service is delivered.” To members of the International Group, he adds, “We have a slogan: you drive, we care. So every mobility service, not including the driver, is delivered to the transportation industry.” Breij says there’s a big difference between DKV and its competition: “We are interested in the total cost of ownership of the market. In other words, we would like to contribute to the margin and the earnings of customers. We are not the Red Cross, we have to make money as well, but we are prepared to share. That’s the big difference between us the competition.”

As a ‘no border’ provider, access to DKV services has traditionally been through a DKV payment card accepted across all service countries. Breij explains that to make access even easier and to broaden the scope of services the company provides, new methods of payment are being considered. “The disadvantage of the card is that we think normally of fuel, and assets,” he says. “The card is just a means of dealing with a transaction, but it can be any device.” He points out the importance of mobility to business these days, and that apps may be the way forward.







As trade has expanded across Europe in the 85 years since the company was founded, so DKV has expanded with it. And expansion is still part of DKV’s plans for the future. “We are going into Russia, Ukraine and Georgia,” continues Breij. “We strongly believe that growing to the east is the only way to acquire business growth.” While there are international trade embargoes in place in the region at the moment, Breij’s view is that these will not last forever. It is a pragmatic view that extends to other formalities of international business. We ask about the new posted worker requirements in Luxembourg. DKV acts as a posted worker representative in France: will it extend that service to Luxembourg? Breij’s response is matter-of-fact. “Yes, when enforcement is there, we will deliver the service. If the enforcement is not executed, like we see in Germany – you have to take care of some documents, but you don’t need a fiscal entity – we will not execute those services.”

One of the services DKV does offer is customs clearance. Post-Brexit I ask, does DKV see this a growth market in the UK?” Breij comes straight back. “I’m a positive guy, so I don’t see any reason to increase that service for UK customers, bearing in mind that we have a soft and gentle trade association with the UK. If we follow the hard way, that’s a different scenario.” He remains optimistic though. “I still believe that we are going to develop a lot of services, but not specifically this one. I still hope for a smooth trade association with the UK.”


This article comes from the RHA Magazine “Roadway, the voice of road Haulage” – August 2017 issue

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