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Smart Watch for professional drivers

Scania recently launched the Apple Watch Scania edition, the new smart watch for professional drivers, it is able to monitor both the truck and the driver.

“Our Apple Watch covers what’s important on the road with two new apps. One that watches over the truck, and one for the driver.” https://www.scania.com/apple-watch-scania-edition

It has the capability of showing statistic insights into for example the average fuel consumption of the truck. On the other hand it also delivers a message once a driver has been driving to long and should be resting and it can detect when a driver has fallen by reading the changes in movement, once it has detected that an accident might have happened it can assist in contacting emergency services. Weather conditions always play an important role whilst driving, the watch is able to inform a driver of any upcoming shifts in the weather so that the driver is able to anticipate any changes.

On the Dutch webshop of Scania the Apple Watch Scania edition currently sells for 750 Euro’s.

We were wondering what your opinion is on this watch?

It has some great feature on the other hand it could effect your privacy, and it will cost you a pretty penny.



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