woensdag , 23 januari 2019
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Operational excellence

Social Media; of interest to your transport company?

In present-day society you just cannot get round social media. There are daily discussions regarding ‘social media’, and, naturally, frequent discussions on the social media platforms themselves. We, on our part, recently started making active use of social media channels. Below you will find a few points for attention that struck us when setting out on this project. Although many …

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‘Green’ driving; fable or reality?

‘Green’; a concept widely adopted these years and used for a variety of terms, like ‘green’ driving, ‘green’ enterprise, ‘green’ thinking. But what is the origin of this term, and what is your position when it comes to ‘green’?  What is ‘green’? ‘Green’ means nothing more than sustainable entrepreneurship; organising all your business in such a way that it puts …

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