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Operational excellence

German toll; efficiency makes the difference!

For many years familiar to European hauliers: German toll. As of 2015, the German Federal Government decided that all trucks of 7.5 tons and over will apply for this levy. This affects about 80,000 trucks. In addition, another 1000 km four-lane highways will be added. The German toll system is by now an example to many other countries initiating automatic systems. Many transport …

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How to excel!

Would you like to stand out in your professional sector? Although this is familiar to many of us, it is not always attainable, for a number of reasons. Together with ING bank, TLN, umbrella organisation for Dutch road transport, recently published a report on ’Entrepreneurship in Transport and Logistics’. This report provided a clear picture of the requirements for companies …

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5 tips for improved insight and better Key Performance Indicators

5 Tips for improved insight and better Key Performance Indicators Although Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) vary per company, they are essential for adequate decision-making within the scope of the strategic objectives of each individual company. However, defining KPIs often turns out difficult, also because outcomes of measured values do not reflect reality as it is, which in turn affects the …

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How to keep a firm grip on your fleet?

Apart from desirable, the efficient use and deployment of your fleet is necessary if you want to retain your profits. But how to uphold your grip on your fleet; how can you urge on your people to work efficiently? Effective use of your personnel Your drivers are a crucial asset to your company. After all, they are the driving force …

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Eco Performance Award: News from the future

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. In our branch, this means when we are driving, we are producing CO2. These emissions, however, can be reduced or avoided to a certain extent, for example with driver trainings, vehicle services and intelligent route navigation. You can compensate remaining carbon dioxide emissions to 100% to actively support environmental protection – with …

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What will the future bring in a changing world of logistics?

Recent events and seminars regarding the logistics and transport sector were dedicated to the many issues confronting the business. One of them has been really prominent these last months, namely the future vision of the sector and the type of strategy to be adopted in the face of the (economic) situation of the past few years, and, even more so, …

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Social Media; of interest to your transport company?

In present-day society you just cannot get round social media. There are daily discussions regarding ‘social media’, and, naturally, frequent discussions on the social media platforms themselves. We, on our part, recently started making active use of social media channels. Below you will find a few points for attention that struck us when setting out on this project. Although many …

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‘Green’ driving; fable or reality?

‘Green’; a concept widely adopted these years and used for a variety of terms, like ‘green’ driving, ‘green’ enterprise, ‘green’ thinking. But what is the origin of this term, and what is your position when it comes to ‘green’?  What is ‘green’? ‘Green’ means nothing more than sustainable entrepreneurship; organising all your business in such a way that it puts …

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