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Euro Vignettes, what will change?

Prefer to read this article in Dutch, click here. Most of you will be informed of the start of the new Belgian kilometre levy by 1 April 2016 and about its effects on the current Euro Vignette system. There are several changes you should be aware of, find out what in this article. The below changes have been confirmed for …

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Transport prices at a peak; find out what you can do!

Transport prices have reached record levels since 2008, affecting the transport industry. Transport prices are now demonstrating the highest levels ever since the first measurements were conducted by Transport Market Monitor in 2008. The second quarter of 2015 has seen 10.4% increase compared to the first quarter of this year. During the seminar organised by ING, DKV and Transfrigoroute it …

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Excise duty increases; find out how to improve your companies liquidity!

Read this article in Dutch. As of the 1st of November the excise duty in Belgium will be raised periodically until 12-12-2015. You may already have noticed the first increase of € 0,002 per liter. Have a look at the table below to see how much the excise duty increases: Accijnsverhoging België Tot 01.11.2015 € 0.0790 Tot 20.11.2015 € 0.0856 …

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Price changes for road vignette Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the time-based truck toll is levied by means of a vignette for all motorways and trunk roads. You can purchase the vignette cash-free with the DKV CARD at any fuel station operated by OMV and Petrol within the country and at the toll booth on the Danube Bridge 2 (New Europe Bridge) in Vidin. Our partner FEDEMAC just …

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How to save on fuel costs? Here are some great free tips!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Follow this link. Recently, DKV Euro Service, ING Sector Management Transport and Panteia have combined forces preparing and drawing up a cost-saving report. This report presents haulage firms with possibilities for more efficient business operations and improved operational excellence, based on cases and computations. You can also our cost-saving calculator to see the …

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List prices and pump prices: do you know the difference?

If you would like to read this article in Dutch, click , for French click here. Terms we regularly hear within the Benelux are: list prices and pump prices. What, however, is the actual difference between them? Is one lower than the other? Does it concern negotiated prices? Where do we find which variant? Customers often ask us about these …

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Focus on efficiency during economic pickup

The Dutch economy has grown for the fourth time in a row during the first quarter of 2015, while exports rose for the fourth year in succession. These are figures that indicate that the Dutch economy is on the right course. Let’s list some facts. Export volumes of commodities in May 2015 outgrew the May 2014 figures by 7.5%. The …

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Tackling hidden fuel costs

Report on Transport and Logistics  From technical measures to tactical steering For many years, fuel costs have been figuring high on hauliers’ agendas; not only because of these being among the main cost items within their firms, but also because of the increasingly competitive market. Margins are under pressure and mutations in business policy, approach and methods are necessary to …

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DKV extends network for electric and hybrid vehicles

500 ladenetz.de charging points added / 3,000 charging points across Germany               DKV Euro Service has extended its supply network for electric and hybrid vehicles by around 500 ladenetz.de charging points. Using the DKV CARD +CHARGE, customers can now charge their vehicles, irrespective of the manufacturer, at over 3,000 publicly accessible charging points in …

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Social innovations and cost-saving business operations

Over the past few years, social innovations have definitely become interwoven with the world of business. The new developments that are inherent to innovation come at dazzling speed via today’s social channels. Social innovations also require a response on the part of business to a great many expectations in the field (as everybody will be watching over your shoulder) while …

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