woensdag , 16 januari 2019
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Toll changes 2019 This is to inform you that there will be increases in toll fees in several European countries from 1 January 2019 onwards.
However keep in mind the date of publication of this article, changes might occur in the meanwhile and ...
Great fuel cards for Great Britain  
Fuel cards are essential to manage costs and a transparent and efficient administration. Each card and each provider has advantages and disadvantages. But did you know that with DKV Euro Service you ...
Dutch cabinet consents to truck levying  
(This message comes from the website of the Rijksoverheid)
On the proposal of Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen for Intrastructure and Water management, the Dutch Cabinet has agreed to the starting-points for truck levying. The levy implies that ...
Ministerraad stemt in met vrachtwagenheffing  
(dit bericht is afkomstig van de website van de Rijksoverheid)
Het kabinet heeft op voorstel van minister Van Nieuwenhuizen van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat ingestemd met de uitgangspunten voor de vrachtwagenheffing. Met de heffing gaat binnen- en ...

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